Thursday, October 8, 2009

Damn Harry Warden. Got me aiming at shadows.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it I will.

This is probably going down under the cult classics category. The original 1981 was a mix of originality, comedy and gore that despite never finding an audience in theatres or with critics, really became big after it came out on DVD. Well this one got better reviews than the original but its still a big cheesefest. The catch though is that the movie is self aware of its cheesiness and uses it to its advantage.

The plot revolves around escaped mental patient Harry Warden who dressed up as a miner and killed people with a pick axe. And as usual a bunch of drunk, sexed up teenagers come to party at the mine (the hip place to go?) and at first I thought it would be another lame horror slash fest. But then you see the originality. The teens get killed yes but four of them escape. Not before Harry Warden is shot to death though. So its like the end of a bad horror movie before the movie really gets going.

The bulk of this movie revolves around the return of Tom, one of the survivors, to the small town where it all went down 10 years ago. The other three are Sarah and Axel, now married working full time jobs as a grocery store owner and sherriff respectively. The other one ended up being a hooker. Oh well not every one can be successful. The dialogue isnt that cheap filler you see before and in between the murders. Its cheesy, short, and the writers knew you wanted to see some action quick. But the plot is a genuinely good whodunit as we learn Harry IS actually dead.

All the deaths are quite creative in their doing and their outcome. The outcome usually is their heart gets taken out and put in a candy box. You dont see that in any other movie and the special effects make it look oddly real. The deaths themselves though are both funny and fresh considering there are hundreds of slashers. There is a midget who gets stabbed and flung (MIDGET TOSS!!) a girl who gets a shovel THROUGH the face, a guy gets his jaw ripped off and the usual impalements, and other assorted stabbings. But its creatively done and if you see it in 3D it uses the effects well.

The thing I like about this movie is its fun to make fun of, fun to watch, and just a fun gory good time. If you want something to watch on Halloween or you wanna scare your friends, watch this movie. It doesnt try too hard and doesnt try to be something its not. Its a funny gory horror flick.


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