Tuesday, October 6, 2009

When we were kids, all we ever talked about was being cops.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I am a huge Edward Norton fan and everybody knows it. Colin Farrell is another actor that Ive started to like more and more. So when I heard that they would be starring together in a movie I was ecstatic. And when I heard it was a crime drama I got even more excited. But it got pushed back to later in the year so all that excitement I had kind of died away as I wondered where Pride and Glory had gone. When it was released I saw it that opening weekend. Critics were fairly negative on it, calling it cliche' and already done. But honestly I could have cared less. I mean most cop movies and shows are all the same but its how you execute it that makes it good or bad.

Well this one wasnt it either. It wasnt good but it wasnt bad. It was formulatic to a key. Good cop comes from good family. He has a bad/crooked brother who is also/was a cop. They butt heads after a big shocking case comes afloat. Todays case: murders of five police officers in what looks to be a setup. But who set them up? Its like an good R rated episode of Law and Order. Where this movie shines is the acting. Norton is a great cop who really delivers in all his scenes. Colin Farrell too makes you love AND hate him, making you as confused as Norton. There is one scene (which becomes important later on) when to get information Farrell attacks a man, his wife, and tries to Iron his baby for info. The tension is thick and as with the rest of the movie, the tension is high throughout.

The point when it takes a big dip is the end. Im not going to spoil what happens but lets just say it had a chance to end and it didnt and so it went on for another 6 minutes and when the movie did end I said "Wow...bummer...let down." The big fight between the brothers is intense and really well done...but what happens after...where it decided to keep going...ultimately ends up being a letdown. But all the while the acting really helps.

So its not really an original movie. You can probably see better ones and there are way better ones. But if you are a fan of either of the main actors or like cop dramas, you could do a whole lot worse.


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