Monday, October 26, 2009

A week ago, the only thing I thought was out of the ordinary was that it was my birthday.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I guess there is a time in every beloved comedians life that he goes through a "serious" phase. Not like pull a Robin Williams and do Dead Poets Society or something but more along the lines of going out of your way to be as unlike yourself as possible. Nobody, it seems, did this as badly as Jim Carey. His first film Eternal Sunshine was actually pretty good. Not my favorite film but definetly a good step for him. Then he shot himself in the foot with the Number 23.

The number 23 is about the fascination that comes around the nuumber 23 and a story about Walter, a man whose life ends up revolving around that number. Where this movie succeeds is by immersing us in this 23 enigma and it forces us to think about all the instances that involve that number. Where the movie also fails is the integration of Fingerling, the fictional character in the book that sparks Walter's obsession. The Fingerling scenes are gross, way over the top, and is essentially Jim Carey TRYING TOO HARD. Without those scenes it would have just been an okay movie.

You know this film has no real gripes from me. The acting is okay, the story (albiet weird) is okay...actually everything about this movie is okay. Its just subpar. Its a half-assed attempt at a subject that could actually have been done really well. I dont blame Jim Carey for this movie being bad more than I blame the writers for basically giving up halfway into the movie.

If you love this movie and the enigma that goes with it I really doubt this review will change that but to people who may have been interested in it, give it a pass.


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