Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm not a cowboy, Pam... I'm a stuntman

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

When put together the Grindhouse series creates a unique experience that we in the now generation could never experience. Exploitation films shot in grainy 70s style film stock as well as "missing reels" and white outs are something of the past. Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino loved these kinds of film and thus set out to make a double feature 3 and a half hour experience known as GRINDHOUSE.

While Robert Rodriguez's film was a great mix of campiness, bad one liners, cheesy action and over the top gore to create an unforgettable film that is both entertaining as it is hillarious, Tarantino's film did not fare so well. Death Proof was Tarantino's addition to the series and luckily it was the second movie shown. Maybe my expectations were too high but after watching Planet Terror, this was bunk. And on its own it fails as a film. You know why I think that is? Tarantino was SO focused on his Magnum Opus Inglorious Basterds that he just threw in the towel on this one. Thats not to say this is an abomination to cinema it just lacks that usual Tarantino umph of sorts and relys on language and the gimmick of grindhouse more than anything else.

Death Proof is essentially Kurt Russell killing people with cars. And a lot of F bombs. Oh and there are three ladies, one of them being a DJ. Thats it.

Its the lack of plot that really gets me. Yeah planet terror wasnt deep but it wasnt just some stuntman wannabe killing people with his car while three F Bombing hookers (seriously I couldnt tell if they werent) driving around, drinking, buying cars and using them for stunt tricks. See I wouldnt have mind if it was just the stuntman wannabe killing plot, most slasher films get by with a lot less but the ladies plot is so convulsed and cheesy that it makes Planet terror look like Citizen Kane.

The last half an hour and especially the ending are just head scratchingly awful and the movie ends so abruptly that its like "Where is the rest of the movie?...seriously? This is it? What a waste of 90 minutes. Oh and the extended edition (130 minutes) is just as bad and all the extra time is just filler.

With the other grindhouse movie it isnt that bad. But by itself it proves to be nothing more than a Tarantino phone in. Ive seen plenty worse and maybe I just have odd tastes but I just dont reccomend this movie.


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