Friday, October 30, 2009

So, bending bullets. Can you do that? You do that... hello?

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Mark Millar is fairly well known in the comic universe as the creator of many great comic book series. He is responsible for the Ultimate (enter Marvel superhero) series, the Kick-Ass series and the one that this film is based on the Wanted series. Wanted focuses on Wesley, an assassin who has the ability to curve bullets as well as just being a damn good shot. Once a member of the evil Fraternity, now Wesley hunts down his foes and kills them without remorse. Known for its violence, language and sarcastic humor it has become a cult classic series among fans.

The movie is a loosely based rendition of Wesley's orgin story. It details Wesley (James McAvoy) before he was an assassin and was just a lowly office worker. Once Wesley starts to get hunted down by Cross, another assassin, Fox (played by Angelina Jolie) comes in to save him and whisks him away to the HQ of the Fraternity. Led by Sloan (Morgan Freeman) he recruits and trains Wesley into being able to unlock his true ability, curving bullets. Lots of killings, slow motion scenes, and action ensues.

Its part Matrix, part Star Wars, part every action movie ever made, but together its a great and well made film. The special effects, sound design and all that is phenominal and extremly well done. The acting is great with McAvoy and Jolie really shining but Freeman (as per usual) stealing the show.

Its an extremly smart and action packed movie and is definetly one of the better action films ever made. So if you enjoy McAvoy, Jolie (naked), smart writing or lots of action than this is the movie for you.


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