Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In the words of the late, great, Marvin Gaye. Let's... Get... It... On!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Call me crazy but a lot of "fighting" movies dont interest me. Never Back Down was pretty good for what it was but most fighting films are either really cliche', ripping off Rocky, or try to put in a sappy love story to keep the "plot" going. Well Fighting, starring Channing Tatum does all three of them. And its weird because there was a lot of hype for this movie especially from UFC and other networks like Spike or G4. Sadly hype can be a really deadly weapon. The previews and behind the scenes stuff made this out to look like a badass movie. What came about was actually really sad.

You have Tatum playing a street hustler who talks like Vanilla Ice's son, and Terrance Howard playing a pimp...i mean fight contractor. Howard recruits Tatum and they go around to small fight clubs and fight. If Tatum wins he gets money. Meanwhile he falls in love with a waitress who he basically stalks for most of the movie following her around. He tries really cheesy lines and by the time they actually kiss everyone in the theatre is like "ITS ABOUT DAMN TIME! GET ON WITH IT!" Its a very tacky and cheesy relationship and it really ends up taking over most of this movie. Wait isnt this movie called fighting? Last time I checked it wasnt bartender and Vanilla Ice fall in love the movie!! Okay so the plot sucks, but you dont care about that right? You only care about the fight scenes.

Well the fights suck. Tatum knows how to throw a punch but thats about it. Mostly in the fight scenes he throws a couple punches, flails, gets his ass handed to him on a silver platter and then gets a cheap shot or a chokehold to win his fights. The only fight he wins legit is at the end and by then I wanted to walk out of the theatre. Ive seen better fights between bums on youtube. Heck the fights in Twilight were better!! Oh well.

The plot is cheap, cheesy and dumb, the fights are lame and cheap and the only good thing I could think of with this movie was the soundtrack. Thats it. Dont see this movie.



  1. I couldn't agree more. I hated this movie so much when I first saw it I wanted to tear my eyes out!

  2. okay, you guys convinced me. I had considered renting it, but not anymore.