Monday, October 19, 2009

I can assure you detective, my games have just begun.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Saw 4..well what to say about Saw know there really isnt much to say about Saw 4. Its basically a collection of deleted scenes from the third movie tacked onto an opening and ending morgue scene. Literally it feels like I am watching three all over again. Granted there were a lot of plot holes and questions that needed to be answered but did we really need a fourth movie to tell us that? Well apparently we did. And honestly, this is the worst in the series. I dont care what comes after this one it will never beat this one in terms of being bad. Its not that this movie was a failure it was literally just deleted scenes.

But if you must know...

During the WAREHOUSE incident from three while Jeff/Lynn/Amanda and Jigsaw were doing there thing, FBI Agent Peter Strahm, Rigg from two and three and Hoffman from three are inside the warehouse as well dealing with their own issues. Strahm is hunting Jigsaw, Rigg is searching for Matthews and Hoffman is in an elaborate trap WITH Matthews. And all of this is going on while three is happening. So every now and again you will see recycled footage from three just to PROVE that it is happening during three. So essentially it is just a tacked on half-assed film. It makes me sad really. But luckily five was better and if you didnt see four it would be a little confusing but still, even if you are a fan of the saw series...avoid this one.


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