Friday, October 23, 2009

Can't trust a woman in a pants suit. Men wear the pants. The world doesn't need anymore Hillary Clintons.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

I always enjoy a good political thriller but I tend to enjoy them even more if they are true. Even though I already know the ending (Wikipedia would tell me) to the real story it still is good to see a movie that can be suspenful and engaging up until those last moments. Films like Valkyrie and Breach always amaze me because (despite the ending) they are gripping and engaging and always interesting to watch.

Breach is the story of Robert Hanssen, a devout Catholic man, who was responsible for the biggest security breach in the history of America. He was and had been writing letters to the Soviets and ultimately was jepordizing the safety of America. With the help of Eric O' Neill the FBI were able to bring him down and finally send him to jail. In 2007 Billy Ray (not Cyrus) wrote and directed a movie called Breach, based on these events. Billy Ray then went onto write State of Play (which I loved) and had previously directed and wrote Shattered Glass but has written for other films like Suspect Zero and Flightplan. Eric O' Neill actually helped with the film and consulted with the writers to make sure that the movie was entirely date for date factual.

Chris Cooper, a great character actor, plays the role of Robert Hanssen with Ryan Phillipe starring as O Neill. Essentially the story is exactly what I said in the first paragraph so there is no point in beating it to death. All I will say is that O' Neill is an undercover FBI agent working as a clerk for Hanssen for completly different reasons then the ones he was busted on. Thats all Ill say.

This film drips tension and is extremly fun to watch. Cooper and Phillipe's acting makes this movie worth watching but the writing and the directing style, as well as the wonderful score, really compliment this film.

So if you like factual political dramas, Chris Cooper or just a good thrill then go and see Breach.


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