Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Why so serious?

Hi Im the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Christopher Nolan is a great director. Not only in his style and his creative design but because he can take a dud and publically joked franchise and make it into a great Academy Award Winning franchise. The first in the series was Batman Begins which entailed the early years and orgins of Batman. Is was a much more dark and realistic Batman and shocked critics by how good it was. But nobody saw Dark Knight coming.

Heath Ledger was known for getting into his roles. REALLY getting into his roles. He would spend weeks studying other films, characters like his own (in the case of the Joker Jack Nicholson and Alex from Clockwork Orange) and putting his all into his craft and no more was it evident in The Dark Knight. Sure it was a comic book movie but if you watched this movie he dominated the film. Every minute Ledger was on the screen there was nobody else. He was the alpha and omega of that movie. It was a Batman movie but it was Jokers film. If you only watch one Heath Ledger movie, watch this.

For those who want to know the story its simple. Batman vs Joker vs Two-face.

Thats all there is to the story. But the execution of it is as stylized as the comics its based on, action packed and an adreniline pumped fuel ride. Bale is okay as Batman but I still miss the days of Adam West and Michael Keaton. Morgan Freeman and Michael Cane play Bruce's (Batman) assistants really well and provide some good dialogue. Aaron Eckhart surprises in this movie showing a darker side that I havent seen in many of his movies. This is definetly one of his better films. And to top it all off you got the great actor Gary Oldman reprising his role as Commisioner Gordon. He is great as always. The cast is a very good ensemble and very fun to watch.

The special effects, camera style, art effects, and pretty much everything behind the scenes is a magical work of art.

Dark Knight is probably the best comic book movie besides Watchmen. Its fun to watch, and I still will watch it on any given day. Its a brilliant film and a great reccomendation

MY VERDICT: OWN IT (Honestly its like number 25 on my list but still a great honorable mention)

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