Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dammit, man! I'm a doctor, not a physicist!

Hello, live long and prosper, nanu nanu and welcome I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.
The Star Trek franchise has been around for a long time now. Going back to the golden age of Shatner, this show was much loved, much analyzed and full of great cheesiness. As the years went on though the Star Trek franchise grew into a cult following. Trekkies everywhere analzyed every frame like it was Citizen Kane and watched every episode, every movie, every instance over and over until their eyes bled. They learned the languages and cultures and ulitmately it became a battle of the nerds: Star Trek vs Star Wars. I was always on the latter side. I never understood Trekkies. I liked Star Trek but I didnt follow it like a religion. Well years went by, spin offs and more movies were released and finally it all settled down for a while. Then J.J. Abrams, the creator of Lost, decides to make an all new Star Trek movie where everything you thought you knew and loved about Star Trek was going to be changed. And I figured since it couldnt get worse, that maybe this movie would actually be really good.

So amiss the spock ears and red shirts I sat down and watched Star Trek. All I can say is mind blowing. Seriously. It made me love Star Trek. The opening 15 minutes alone could have been its own film, filled with drama, suspense, heartache, and sadness. It was amazing and as soon as the opening credits rolled by, I was like that is how you start a movie.
The movie never sits in one place to long, letting you soak up the brilliant cinematography and scenery, and then moving forward. The movie drips with swagger and it knows it. It knows its great and it knows it screws with the time line but it doesnt care. And thats whats brilliant. All the actors were carefully chosen and represent their esteemed counter parts from the past extremly well. They all feel old but fresh at the same time.
The movie feels younger too. Maybe its the bright lights and color but it just feels like a giant fresh breath of air. Even at 125 minutes this film feels fast, but not blurry. When the plot does really start to pick up and it grabs you. And once it grabs you it never lets you go and its like a roller coaster.
And the fact that Leonard Nimoy is in their and relavant and does a great bit part really adds to it all. And Simon Pegg, whose dream it was to be in a Star Trek movie, gets to finally be in it and be Scotty. And you can see his dedication to his craft but also the wide eyed wonderment and love for what he is doing.
Overall I left the theatre on a cloud. Like I had seen the science fiction Citizen Kane. And it really was just one of the best movies if not the best movie of 2009. But this is definetly one of those movies you owe it to yourself to pick up.

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