Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You want to know the difference between us and machines? We bury our dead. But no one is coming to bury you.

SKYNET!!! Hello I am the movie Termin...i mean encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.
The Terminator series has been around for years. Its the ultimate what if scenario. What if computers got so smart that they ended up taking over the world and killing/trapping all the humans. The outcome hasnt really been described in these movies. Like what happens after the end of the third movie where Skynet takes over. And where did the idea of sending Kyle Reese and the later reformed Terminator to come and protect Sarah and John Connor?

Well this idea of a se/prequel has been thrown around but finally in 2009 they released Terminator Salvation, which answers all these questions and more. And who did they bring in to play the hero John Connor? Batman...i mean Christian Bale, in all his gravely voice glory. It also stars a few other people in the movie. Playing Kyle Reese is Anton Yelchin (aka Charlie Bartlett or Chekov from Star Trek) and playing Marcus is Sam Worthington.
Christian Bale is a dissapointment in this movie. He is basically playing batman in camo. Ever since his career blew up with Batman he decided that every character needs to sound like Batman. It also doesnt help that his face never moves and he is about as interesting as a cardboard cutout. Its a shame because when he was younger he was actually a really good actor.

The good news is all the supporting cast more than makes up for Bale's faliure. Anton plays a great Kyle Reese and for someone so young he brings a lot of talent and natural emotion. You feel what he feels in this movie and believe everything he says. He's got a real future in this buisness. Meanwhile Sam Worthington absolutly steals this show. His acting should (but wont) get him nominated for an Academy Award. His portrayl of someone who was human and believed he was human only to find out he was a terminator is touching (pulled at my heart strings) and its really astounding the amount of truth, emotion, love and care that Worthington brings to this character. He is a death row inmate in yet we learn to love him and care deeply about him. So when we learn he is a terminator its like watching Old Yeller get shot all over again. In fact i was about half tempted to side with Skynet and say, "Hey maybe not all terminators are evil."
What also really makes this movie is the effects and the music. The music is epic and booming and really how the music plays is how you feel at that moment. Its also really familiar too because they used the same person that did the original two Danny Elfman. The effects though are what make this movie. Everything looks so real. Even the over the top robotic things seem real. Its a very natural movie with a very unnatural setting.
I know a lot of people hated this movie but everyone I know that has seen this has agreed with me. This is definetly a movie worth seeing. Bale sucks and its not as good as the first three, but its still worth seeing.

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