Monday, October 26, 2009

Once you see death up close, then you know what the value of life is.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Let me just start off by saying WOW. OK? This was the most shocking film I have ever seen. I expected another dumb filler movie like Saw 4 and 5 (although 5 was better) when I went in to see this. What I got was a fully fleshed out story that can stand alone as its own film, the answers to every question I had in the series (except the big one which will be answered hopefully in 7) and ultimately this movie made the whole series come full circle. With the ending of this film they could have just ended the series and I would have been happy. But, since Tobin Bell (Jigsaw) is signed on to do at least seven movies (prompting the seventh movie to be the last), the series will continue, even if for one more film. But what I got to wonder is how do you top this movie? I can say without a doubt that this is the second best Saw movie in the series.

Saw 6 has a great stand alone story. Sure we have the continuation story with Strahm/Hoffman/Jill Tuck/ect. but the stand alone story is amazing! William works for a health insurance company. He enjoys, heck takes pride, in making sure people DONT get covered so that he can get as much in his paycheck as possible. But one day he is kidnapped and given 6o minutes by Jigsaw personally (no Billy just straight shot of him) to make him see that given the choice of who lives and dies is not as easy as it seems when he's working. Its an amazingly well written story (shocker) with a great and relevant political overtone that not even Michael Moore was able to grasp well in his last movie. It still has that little bit of cheese that all the saw films have but it is really quite a sight to behold that the writing in this is almost good enough to be a standalone film NOT in the saw series.

The acting is good as usual, better than some of the others, but Jill Tuck and John Kramer (Betsy Russell and Tobin Bell) really stand out both giving phenominal performances that which I hadnt seen before.

By this point you either love the saw series or hate them. If you love them this is a great entry to the series giving a great breath of fresh air and if you hate them then continue to do so.

But... (highlight the section)

seriously what can they do now? the only thing they can do in seven is have Jill kill Hoffman then herself. That would leave no one left and they can just end the series. But the cash cow will keep on mooin so that wont happen.


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