Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

This is a confusing one. Its really good and pretty bad all at the same time. I say that because its a very artsy movie and those kinds of movies are love it or hate it. There Will Be Blood, in my opinion has both elements for me.

The first ten minutes (or what seemed like ten minutes) are completly silent. There is a little music but for the most part it is showcasing one of the great things in this movie: Daniel Day-Lewis. His performance in this movie is phenominal and deserved every award it got. He is such a dynamic, complex, entertaining character and if you saw Lewis as he is normally, he is a completly transformed person in voice, walk, mannurisms and look. He is Daniel Plainview an oil man, not the actor Daniel Day-Lewis. In that first ten minutes without saying a word, Lewis is able to give such a great performance reminicent of a great silent film. Honestly the film is worth seeing for his performance alone.

The dialogue in this movie is great with all the characters delivering great and memorable lines. Each main character is so unique to the story, whether the deaf son, the preacher or his fellow townsfolke or workers. The cinematography, art style, everything about how this movie looks is also quite breathtaking. Its a marvel to look at.

There are however two things that knock this movie from a top 20 to a see it however. The first being the melodramatic scenes that are sprinkled throughout. When he meets his brother, deserts his kid and when he returns, all of those scenes should be in the movie but they are SO eye rollingly bad and badly written. Its like they wrote the movie and got another guy to write these scenes. They dont fit with the tone of the movie and take from the rest of the experience.

The next and BIIIIGGGGEEEESSSSTTTT fault is the ending. The ending is seriously one of the most confusing, head scratchingly awful endings Ive ever seen. I know a lot of people love the ending and say Im just missing the symbolic point of it all but come on.

Daniel is an older man now. Still a successful oil man with a rich manison, a butler, and control over most of the land. One day his son comes in and tells him he wants to start his own buisness. Daniel goes bat-s**t crazy. He screams at him that he is an abandoned orphan, yells at him that he's been sneaking off and that he is his competition and that he has betrayed him, he forces him to say (in deaf talk) what exactly he is doing so only to further embarass him. He then goes on to scream and repeat YOU ARE NOTHING YOU A BASTARD FROM A BASKET! A BASTARD FROM A BASKET! Over and over again as H.W (his son) leaves.

I thought that was weird.

I cant even begin to describe the ending

Its so out there and over the top. It completly ruins the movie for me.

But its still a great period piece and full of great acting from Daniel Day-Lewis so its definetly worth seeing.


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