Thursday, October 8, 2009

Try some of this. It'll do ya good. You looked starved to death

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

You remember this?:

That was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, a beloved telling of Ronald Dahl's classic starring Gene Wilder. Its magical, the effects are great, the music is timeless and its just an overall wonderful time that gives me a warm feeling on the inside.

Then in 2005, Tim Burton got his hands on it...and everything changed. Here is the new memorable song. And by memorable i mean please cut my ears off

Thats right. The man behind Edward Scissorhands and Nightmere Before Christmas is remaking the American classic. But its not just a cheap rip fact its more like the book that both of these are based off of. Granted Im just gonna say right now that Willy Wonka is much better than Charlie but Charlie is still pretty good.

Its essentially the same plot: Wonka holds a contest that allows for 5 children (more specific than the Willy Wonka) to come and take a tour of the factory and one will become the heir to the Wonka factory and get a lifetime supply of chocolate. Chaos ensues, five kids go and Charlie wins la de da. You know this story.

The kids however are actually a lot better in this movie. They seem more animated then their previous iterations. Veruca is even brattier and the house she lives in is practically gold plated. Violet is a champion everything with one of those pagent moms. This one I like especially since in the original she was just a champion gum chewer...which is weird. In this one shes more real. And the best part of her? Her mom is Missi Pyle and she brings this OMG ness to the movie. She is so competitive and much better than the original parent in the movie. Mike TV is a hacker/gamer/tv enthusiast and Agustus is fatter than ever. Overall the kids are much better than the original.

Charlie however is about as interesting as paint drying. The original kid was much more real and acted like a normal kid. Charlie in this one is more of a....little goodie two shoes. He wants to SHARE everything and he wants everyone TO God he's a wimp. And he has no personality. He just stands there with this blank I just got a full frontal lobotomy look on his face. It gets annoying after a while. But the kids a good actor. And the grandpa in my opinion is much better...and doesnt sing. THANK GOD!

Now onto the two most important things: songs and Wonka.

Lets start with songs. The songs in this one are more creative then memorable. All the singing and the song style and choices, as well as the costume design and choreography is great...but people will always remember "oompa loompa doopity doo...ive got another puzzle for you." Everyone knows that. So sadly the songs in my opinion are better in the original but I applaud Burton's effort.

Wonka...Im gonna skip this. Do I really need to choose? Gene Wilder is a classic, with a great voice, great personality and a subtle darkness.

Well in Charlie...just watch this

Its a mix of MJ in his later years, a pedophile, a mentally unstable person, and a monkey. I love Depp and how he really gets into all his roles...but honestly his performance ruins the movie. If you can get past Depp's Wonka, then this is a pretty decent movie.


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