Thursday, October 15, 2009

Dont Let the Door Hit You Where The Good Lord Split Ya!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Stone Cold Steve Austin is one of the most beloved and most recognizable names in wrestling history. Of course non wrestling fans know him from Nash Bridges and Celebrity Death Match. And while he was a huge badass in the squared circle and the epitome of a redneck you did NOT want to screw with, his acting sucked. Everything he ever did was like he was just reading off the script. Very dry, emotionless and you couldnt shake the feeling he was just cashing in. In the late 2000s he kinda retired from wrestling to pull a Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and turn to acting. But instead of doing kids films that everybody loves, he does mediocre action films. And each time his acting actually got better. But after a three year abscence from film Steve Austin returns to the big screen in a movie titled Damage. Technically this movie doesnt come out until January of 2010 to American theatres but it was released in the UK in early October. And by some Godforsaken reason I saw an advanced screening of this. Its not Citizen Kane but I can definetly say its way better than Fighting. In fact....its what Fighting should have been.

Steve Austin plays an ex convict who is paroled after sending letter after letter to the widow of the person he killed. Well she finally gets fed up with his letters, decides to send a letter to the parole board and get him released. But not because she thinks he's sorry, but because her daughter needs heart surgery and she wants him to pay. Well Austin works as a bouncer and a construction worker and that wont pay the hospital bill so he decides to take up underground street fighting. Its like fight club in a cage with weapons.

The fighting is actually pretty well done and realistic. Its enjoyable considering what it is. The plot is your basic fighting movie story filled with every hokey cliche in the book. Its soundtrack is pretty cheesy and overall the acting is thin. Austin however does 20x times better in this movie than he has in any other acting role. And honestly this a pretty decent movie. I wouldnt say spend 10 bucks on this film in the theatre but if you like UFC or fighting movies than you could do A LOT worse than this movie.


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