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Today was a bit of an interesting one because I had to get creative. "Favorite Miniseries..." The problem? I haven't really seen that many miniseries. To be quite honest I have only seen three and out of those three I can only think of one being an actual miniseries and not a show that got cancelled two episodes in and so had to wrap up the story with the remaining six episodes. People would probably ask "What about Band of Brothers or The Pacific?" Well I haven't seen them.

That's right...I have not seen Band of Brothers. Trust me if I had this would have been a much easier choice. Instead I decided to go with a slightly lesser known miniseries but a good one nevertheless: The Kill Point.

Before I get into it I must say this: yes this is a miniseries. Some say it was a failed TV series but to be honest, when a show has a limited number of episodes and resolves all of its issues and deals with its antagonists all within one series I consider it a miniseries. Is it technically one? I dunno. Honestly I consider it one and that's all that matters.
The plot of The Kill Point is a simple one that gets complicated quickly. Mr. Wolf (John Leguizamo) and his team of ex soldiers go in to rob a bank. They rob it but get into trouble when they get outside and one of Wolf's men shoots and FBI agent and starts a firefight with the Pittsburgh police. One of Wolf's men is shot and with their getaway driver running off without them and the police shooting at them, they hole up inside the bank with the remaining twelve hostages (a good portion ran off after the robbery). Enter in Horst (Donnie Wahlberg), Quincy (Michael K Williams) and Connie (Michael Hyatt) who are given orders to handle the situation. Horst is a negotiator with Quincy and Connie leading the SWAT team. For the rest of the series and until the finale Horst and his team and Wolf and his team clash as they try to find a way to end this situation, each suiting to their benefits.
The acting, the writing and the direction is phenomenal for a TV show. I may be in the minority but I consider Wahlberg a pretty decent actor, especially on TV. He really shines in The Kill Point giving probably one of his best performances. Leguizamo also gives one of his career best performances making you love and hate him at the same time. The support is great too and with the writing as good as it is, this miniseries always leaves you on the edge of your seat and makes you really care about all the characters.

If you took 24, Inside Man, Heat and The Departed, mixed them altogether and added in some more action and suspense then you have The Kill Point. A brilliant miniseries (despite arguments about whether or not it is one) and definitely my favorite.
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