Thursday, June 3, 2010


Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Ahh another day, another meme question to fulfill. And looking at the list of questions, or at least from glancing over at Rachel's page (I don't mean to use you but your so freaking organized), I notice that today and tomorrow's are extremely difficult. Why? Because we are getting into favorites. I realize down the line and as this goes on there will be more favorites but they are more focused and specific, or at least easy to answer. Today and tomorrow though, especially tomorrow, focus on favorite shows though with tomorrow being of all time. But for now it's

Your Favorite New Show (aired this TV season)

Modern Family

This was a tough decision. There are so many great shows out there now like Human Target, Glee, Cougar Town, The Good Wife and NCIS: Los Angeles who are all on their first season. And while I dearly love all the above shows it really came down to Human Target and Modern Family. Human Target because it is an action show where a 43 minute episode can feel like a short Bond film and it features great acting (Jackie Earle Haley) and great writing and Modern Family because it is a solid and wonderfully done comedy from the guys who wrote/created/produced (it differs by the person) Frasier, Just Shoot Me, Wings, Stacked, Back to You and The Golden Girls.

But I'm a sucker for a smartly done and socially relevant comedy so I decided to go with Modern Family.

If you don't know what it is Modern Family is the story of three families. There is Gloria and Jay who are a couple with varying age differences. Gloria is in her 40s (presumably) and Jay is in his 60s. But Jay is not filthy rich so she's not the gold digger type. Jay just went through a rough divorce and met a beautiful young lady with a ten year old son whom he just fell in love with. The second family is Cameron and Mitchell. They are a homosexual couple who just adopted a 1 year old Vietnamese baby named Lilly. Cameron is a a very feminine homosexual and Mitchell is more serious...but he's still pretty feminine at times too. They seem like opposites at first but they are really made for each other and they do seem to be genuinely in love. The third is your average family...the Dunphy's. They consist of Phil, the "I'm cool" dad who tries too hard, Claire, the overbearing and overprotective mother, Haley, the daughter whose about as bright as a black cat in a coal mine, Alexis, the evil one, and Luke, the reallllllyyyyyy dumb one.

The catch? They are all related. Yeah that's right. They are all in the same family. These three distinct families are all related. It makes for great gags, great laughs and overall an extremely well done show.

It was picked up for a second season and honestly I can't wait to see what happens next.

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  1. Organized everywhere except in the real world!

    I haven't watched Modern Family, because, as I said in my post, it's a rarity I give new shows (especially comedies) a watch in their freshman season. I let everyone else enjoy (or suffer) those beginning episodes, then jump on the bandwagon if the feedback is positive enough to convince me. This is one that seems to be getting lots of viewer love.