Friday, June 18, 2010


Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well today is day 18 of the television meme and now we reach a really hard one. I know I've said that dozens of times now already but this one in particular was rather hard. It was hard until I realized that all of my favorites sans one were all created by the same company.

Digital Kitchen is a digital art company who has specialized in many forms of art that have been shown all over the world. One of their big specializations, one that has one them numerous Emmy's is their title sequences. Starting with Six Feet Under and then moving onto House this company has created the title sequence to almost all my favorite shows. But which one is the best? I could go with True Blood's Southern evilness and symbolism, Six Feet Under's quirky but dark intro, House's mellow tune and creepy medical pictures intro, or Nip/Tuck's surprisingly creepy intro but I had to go with one that sums up the entire series of a show and what point it's trying to get across all without saying it...Dexter.

A regular to this meme list already, Dexter's "Morning Routine" along with it's cheerily creepy music showcases everything you need to know about Mr. Morgan without saying it outright. The symbolism is both funny, creepy and deep. I love it. I will say that this theme deserves a mention....

Try to get that theme out of your's been in mine for almost 16 years....your welcome MWAHAHAHA!!


  1. Ahhh favorite tv or film title sequence by a country mile!

    I especially liked that moment in the one episode (season 2 finale?) when we got the slightly extended version.

    Good call!

  2. This is actually my number 2 favorite, but it's totally amazing, and would have easily been my number 1 had I never seen the series mine is coming from.

  3. This was my number two as well. I really like the scene toward the end of Season 2 where they incorporate it into the episode, and again in the premiere of Season 4 when the routine is going straight to hell because Dex is exhausted thanks to the new baby. Very well played by the writers.