Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Try as I might I could not find a dissapointing episode of Twin Peaks. And any episode that I could have had a problem with would give away the entire series so I won't do that cuz I'm not mean like that. Instead I'll go with Dexter because it is a LOT easier to find problems with Dexter than it is Twin Peaks. It's mostly easier because I can pinpoint an entire season that I considered the worst. Fans of the show will know what I'm talking about. That's right...
Dexter- 3/4ths of Season 3-

That may seem a bit broad but out of the 12 episodes in the season I could only find three good ones. That's right...three. And that was stretching it.

The main problem with Dexter season 3 is it tries to hard to change things up. I understand that the character of Dexter is constantly evolving and growing into a bigger and bigger entity but there is such a thing as too much development. The nice thing about the first two seasons is that he was a mix of darkly funny, devious, nerdy in yet he was growing as a person. In season 3, he seems to have somewhat established himself and instead let's the family and others control his actions and decisions.

Here's what I mean: Dexter learns Rita is pregnant. Rita's pregnancy hinders a good portion of his home and work life throughout this season and won't let up. On top of that Dexter proposes and gets married to Rita. That's not a bad thing except that the whole home situation takes away from the greatness that is Dexter. Either he's "Whoa wacky hijinks jee I can't be a dad!" or he's bumbling around like an idiot catering to the other problem: Miguel Prado. Jimmy Smits is not a bad actor but in this situation it was just not working for him. Dexter as an apprentice doesn't work. Dexter with a partner doesn't work. Dexter letting his secret out doesn't work. A lot of it doesn't work.

But besides the intro of Quinn, the new detective, the wedding itself, and maybe the finale despite the killer going out on a sour note, the series was bunk. But luckily it redeemed itself with season 4.


  1. I don't think Dexter himself suffered or changed much as a character, I think the weakness of Season 3 was the lack of a decent villain. The skinner guy was uninteresting, particularly since I couldn't actually look at any of his victims, and the whole deception that Smits might be the skinner was stupid and obvious. It was that combo that left the season flat, in my opinion.

  2. I don't keep track of seasons, but if that's the one with Lila, than it sucked so much it made me homicidal.

  3. Have to agree with Jess. The Skinner was just too random and in the end, boring. And Prado's arc wore out its welcome. Smits is a good actor, but the character should've been maybe a half season storyline.