Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Well today is probably the one I had to struggle with the most. It's "Best Scene Ever." Now I realize I said that the Thanksgiving Scene from Dexter was. Well it's ONE of the best but not the best. I realize that's a bad cop out but give me a break, I want to NOT talk about Dexter for five minutes.

Anyway I struggled with this one finally narrowing it down to three and eventually two. The reason I picked two is one is an ongoing scene that is interrupted several times by a few minutes of filler while the other is just a flat out scene. And since I don't want nitpickers commenting I will post both.

The interrupted one though, and my candidate for Best Scene Ever comes from Seinfield. The episode is called the Dealership and was the 167th episode of Seinfield. It's also one of my favorite overall episodes as well.

In the episode Jerry wants to buy a new car from Puddy, Elaine's boyfriend. Jerry deals with dealers and Puddy's high fives while George deals with hunger and a certain Twix bar which riles him up. While all this is happening, Kramer is taking Jerry's potential car out for a test drive with another dealer. Kramer keeps driving it until they hit E and from there it is pure comedy gold. Not only in the growing hysteria of both the dealer and Kramer but also just the passion both of them have in this scene. I don't know how they didn't die laughing.

Here is the scene:

But like I said it is interrupted by all the other stuff going on so to satisfy nitpickers I will show you my other candidate which is from The Chapelle Show.

The sketch is the Black White Supremacist sketch. This sketch solidified Chapelle's status as not only a comedy legend but someone who could take a social or political or cultural stigma and make people laugh about it. People wish they could do that now.

So here it is (Oh and don't mind the's copyright things)

So there you have it. The two best scenes ever!

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