Sunday, November 1, 2009

These are all my dolls. I used to like to chop their heads off and their arms and stick 'em up on the wall.

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

Rob Zombie is a lucky guy. He has a great music career with a beloved fan base, the hottest wife in history, great artistic talent and most importantly he is a phenominal director. If you need proof than see the Halloween remakes which are both amazing or The Devil's Rejects. But every great film career starts somewhere and Zombie's (real name Cummings) career starts with a horror/exploitation film called House of 1000 Corpses (which is also a title of a Rob Zombie song...huh)

Corpses is the story of four cross country travelers played by comedians Rainn Wilson (Dwight Schrute), Chris Hardwick (G4 people know who he is) and actresses Erin Daniels (The L Word) and Jennifer Jostyn (best known for being "That girl in the back" seriously). But while Hardwick and Wilson are amazing actors and do a great job for the first half of the film, this film is REALLY about the Firefly family.

The Firefly family is a family of murderers, seemingly more twisted than the Mansons, that unlike the Mansons ARE an actual family. Made up of Baby Firefly (Sherri Moon Zombie), Mama Firefly (Karen Black), Tiny Firefly (Matthew McGrory RIP), Grandpa Hugo (Dennis Fimple RIP), Otis Driftwood (Baby's brother and played by Bill Moesley) and Captain Spalding (Sid Haig..although you dont learn that till Devil's Rejects) The Firefly clan is extremly Texas Chainsaw esque in their creepiness but at the same time they are quite remarkable to watch and listen to as some of the stuff they say you will be repeating and using in daily conversation for life. The lines are clever, well delivered and an ironic sort of funny with a social underlying.

If you enjoyed the Grindhouse movies or just that style of wild over the top filmmaking then you will love this movie. I think this is a good movie but sometimes (to me) that got really distracting and kind of took away from the plot...even though the plot could be explained in three sentances. I will say though that the soundtrack is awesome and adds SOO much depth already to the movie and it will make you think twice before listening to "Brick House".

Distracting? Yes. Brutal? Yes. Over the top? Yes. Texas Chainsaw/Manson rip off? Yes. Good and extremly rememorable movie? YOU BETCHA


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