Saturday, November 14, 2009

When they tell you not to panic... that's when you run!

Hello I am the movie encyclopedia and if no one else will see it, I will.

...I'm conflicted. This is a bad movie. Its 158 minutes of subpar acting with a downer of a story. And Im sorry but 158 minutes is WAY too long for a movie about this kind of subject. That and I should have seen it coming since its Roland Emmerich. I hate Roland Emmerich. Besides the Patriot which is a phenominal movie, all of his other movies, mostly focusing on disaster of some sort, are just a pain to watch. Badly acted and with a horrible plot they rely on their special effects. And he blows up monuments. Whether its the white house:

The Chrysler Building:

or just leveling new york:

Roland Emmerich LOVES blowing up or destroying things. And while all of his movies feature great state of the art special effects, the movies themselves blow.

2012 is about the 2012 phenomenon which says the world will end December 21st or 23rd, 2012. Apparently that means the Earth will just be leveled and totally destroyed. And Roland Emmerich describes in 2 and a half hours exactly what that looks like. Oh and there is a story about a family saving themselves and John Cusack is the dad and Danny Glover is president.

But you don't (or shouldn't) care about the plot. If you go see 2012 you should be seeing it because you want to see stuff blown up and destroyed. Well thats exactly what you get as every single monument in the world including the Vatican get leveled. And it looks awesome! The special effects are mind blowing and seeing everything get destroyed is awesome. But you have probably seen a lot of it in the previews alone so you KNOW that its awesome the amount of destruction.

Thats where my conflict comes in. The plot is nonexsistant and poorly acted, its waaayyy too long, the entire story (or lack thereof) is a total downer and makes me actually worry about 2012 and its nothing but a special effects showcase. But at the same time those said special effects are mind blowingly awesome and the level of destruction is amazing to watch. And honestly you are probably only seeing this movie for the action and destruction.

So in a weird way...


But I actually reccomend seeing it at the same time. By my definition its an AVOID IT but this is one horrible movie I actually think you should at least rent so you can see the awesome special effects. Oh well...I hate being conflicted.

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